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moonshine jungle

Hi! I'm Ashley, I'm 20 years young and currently reside in a small-ish city in northern Ontario, Canada. I'm a two time university drop out, both times majoring in some form of English degree. It was my passion until I got to university and discovered I hated my program, which confused me a bunch. Did I still love writing, reading, etc? I do. I just hate school. So for now I'm just taking time off, working 40 hours a week at a clothing store and trying to pay off some debts.

I'm pretty laid back, or so I like to tell myself. I love to humour people, and I can get pretty sarcastic. I'm stubborn, very stubborn, but I think I'm alright other than that. Personality wise, at least. I have some self-esteem issues (cough, some... yeah right), but around my friends and family I'm super out-going and will tell it like it is. Shy around newer people but once you get to know me I come right out of my shell!

Interests... I like a lot of things. Mainly creative writing, music and blogging. I don't claim to be really good at it, I just love to write. I've been casually writing since I first got into it when I was about twelve years old, starting with cheesy little teen stories. The longest I wrote was a novella that was 50,000 words, still incomplete. Since then I've been writing little short stories here and there, poems, and ever since I got into One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, fanfiction. In all its sexual glory. Ironic that I'm so sexual considering I'm the least experienced person ever. Ahem.

Musically I love just about anything except for Country, and maybe hard-core rap. I love some oldies; Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ottis Redding, Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen, Journey (SIIGH STEVE PERRY), Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson, and some other randoms. More modernly though I enjoy One Direction and 5sos (heart eyes), but also everything else; The Killers, Alt-J, the 1975, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Chris Brown, Usher, Miguel, Drake, Ed Sheeren, etc etc. I'm up for new stuff :)

I'm not really a sporty girl, but I absolutely LOVE baseball. I started watching the Toronto Blue Jays' games on tv with my dad when I was about 14, and ever since then I've been hooked. Been to only one game but I definitely want to see more. It's not very popular to like watching baseball on tv, some people think of it as boring, but I'm obsessed with the game.

So... Other than that, everything else you'll find out about me will be in my journal entries :)